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Just Right Bathrooms specialises in modern home bathroom renovations and turning existing outdated bathrooms into stylish custom designed bathroom providing better space management and practicality. While some renovators consider replacing your fittings a renovation, we approach renovations as remodeling of your entire bathroom area. If needed, we redesign the entire layout and fixture placements to achieve the best possible results in terms of style and appearance, practicality and space management, water and power efficiency as well as safety. These are the important things that make a modern bathroom.


Better space utilisation & practical more open layout.
Modern stylish fittings & fixtures with longer style life span.
High quality fittings that achieve stylish look & feel, but also economical & deliver better efficiency.
Better use of natural light.
Modern tiling, wall covering & floor styles & textures.
Durable cabinetry with stylish designs to suite the overall colour themes.


Bathroom fittings and fixtures like bathtubs, showers, sinks, basins, toilets and storage cabinets are placed in a fashion that serves good space management as well as efficiency in delivering water and power. Bathroom renovations must address those issues, therefore, design and layout start with the best possible space allocation for each structural and cosmetic component in the bathroom. Modern bathroom design and layouts are based on open space to enhance the apparent size of the bathroom. Walls and doors are designed to create a compatible height to the size of the bathroom.


Deciding the theme of your bathroom is important. Some themes may call for the use of streamline chrome tabs, mixers and accessories while others need that copper feel to enhance the rustic look. The style of basins, bathtubs and toilets also calls for the right choice of accessories. The design and layout of the bathroom are also important, chosing the right fittings may be dependent on whether your bathroom shower is seperated with screen or wehther your bathroom is a completely wet area. Whatever the case may be, all modern bathroom fittings must provide efficiency and saving in water delivery.


Modern bathroom fixture trends embrace the use of 'bench-top' basins and sinks. With modern styles and designs, materials and finishes, the modern fittings add a modern feel to the bathroom by bringing focus on the benches, cabinets and bases they are placed on. Bench-top placed basins mean more storage space underneath. Bathtubs are increasingly taking on the same design idea. They sit on the floor and get their stylish look from their simplicity in design. Frameless showers creens are a must in a modern bathroom. Frameless glass adds a feeling of space to the shower area and provides for ease of cleaning and maintenance. We use only quality material and finishes on all of these components.


Utilising natural light in modern bathroom design is an advantage. Creative designers opt to produce designs that provide adequate lighting with a combination of natural and artificial lighting. The benefit in using natural light is in its power saving and also creating openness and space to your bathroom. The layout and placement of the bathroom fittings and fixtures determines the degree upon which the designer relies on natural light. The use of mirrors and glass, like shower screen, are elements that react to light in different ways, therefore, the choice of electrical and artificial lighting fixtures and their layout may rely on the position of your bathroom windows, sky-light and other structural components.


The modern bathroom relies on creativity in design, colour themes and layout. Modern wall bathroom wall covering now extends to paints, timber, wall-paper as well as tiles. The choice of your wall covering depends on a number of factors, especially the size and height of the bahtroom. For example, a smaller bathroom with lower ceilings may require the use of tiles with vertical oreintation to add height to the walls while window walls may look more stylish if painted. Floor design take on a similar technique but must always integrate well with the other components of the bathroom. Like in wall coverings, the modern bathroom floors embrace materials like timber as well as tiles.


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